Public Decision Making ECOsystem.

Enhancing democratic values in urban planning
Enabling a transparent decision making in urban planning, enhancing democratic values

What we do

Research, Methodology, Impact


Planning decision making in a local or regional government across Europe involve both the intentions and objectives of the government itself, but inevitably also both unknown and intertwined objectives of the set of stakeholders who are directly or indirectly affected by different proposed future directions.


This project aims to create a digitalized and user-friendly workflow by integrating and adapting market survey and decision analysis methods.


Key benefits are scalable and cost-effective solution to enable early, pro-active citizen participation for empowerment in public decision processes, transparency around all stakeholder groups inputs and the provision of tools for making rational and sustainable decisions in complex environments.

Aims & objectives


Examine the current planning process at the City of Stockholm.

Involve Core stakeholders and Market forces in an Enabling environment to express their view in order to participate in the planning process.

Design tools to enable effective and rational transparent process to achieve an informed decision.

Approaches and methods

This project will use a co-creation methodology in order to facilitate open and collaborative innovation.

The concept of co-creation is different from the traditional push and pull approaches, as it actually implies that different parties actually ‘create’ something together, instead of one part developing something for the other to use (push-approach), or expressing a clear request or need to the other (pull-approach).

Expected effects and results


Access informants in an attractive and scalable way

Collect and aggregate insights together with underlying values and beliefs from stakeholders, interest groups, and experts

Evaluate actions or plans focusing on how different stakeholders are affected and how the actions provide value

Allow stakeholders to fully transparently view the entire process from survey to aggregated results and decisions


October 2018 - May 2021


628 000 EUR



Kjell Borking